Paper Pot Maker Gift Set for Gardeners

paper pot maker gift set for gardeners

I’ve been looking around for some unusual gifts and I found the paper pot maker gift set for gardeners the other day. If there’s one piece of gardening kit I want this is it.

Because the pots are made from old newspapers they can be planted straight into the ground. This overcomes transplant shock for young plants. And the pots are completely biodegradable, eco-friendly and cheap. This bit of kit is ideal for the recycling savvy green gardener

The paper pots measure 4.5cm x 5.5cm high. This is perfect for starting off seeds and cuttings or potting on seedlings and young plants. The kit comes in an attractive box and includes several useful accessories. There’s the wooden pot maker, 10 wooden plant markers, a pencil and 15 brown paper seed envelopes for saved seeds. Each envelope is printed with ‘variety’, ‘date’ and ‘notes’.

I think I shall be buying a few of these paper pot maker gift sets for my gardening friends. I hope someone get me one as well.

paper pot maker gift set for gardeners

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