Different Types of Compost Bins for Home Composting

Compost BinChoosing the right compost bins for your needs can be a little confusing. This is because there are so many different types available. Here is a list of some of them to help make your decision easier.

Large Garden Compost Bins

A large garden means that you might need large compost bins to take a lot of composting materials. A multi-compartment compost bin divided into three sections could be a good choice. This type of compost bin gives you one section for active composting, one for a holding area to put materials you will compost next, and finally a section for completed compost. This style is very handy for the for the keen gardener.

Wooden Compost Bins

There are a couple of advantages to wooden compost bins. First, they are relatively easy to make from recyclable materials. For example, discarded wooden pallets are cheap; sometimes even free. These pallets can be used for the sides and bottom of your bin. Second, wood provides good aeration for your composting materials. This helps to regulate the temperature of your compost heap. Of all the different types of compost bins, wooden ones are probably the most popular type of homemade compost bin.

Tumbler Style Bins

A tumbler style compost bin takes the back-breaking work of ‘turning the pile’ out of composting. For this reason, some gardeners prefer the tumbler style. The tumbler bin may be a large cylinder that you roll around the garden to mix the organic matter inside. Or it could come on a stand with a handle to turn for mixing.

Worm Composting (Vermicomposing)

Worm composting is certainly gaining in popularity as a method for small and large gardeners alike. Vermicomposting produces high grade compost. The worm composting bin can be anything from a five-gallon bucket to a much larger container. Basically, worms referred to fondly as ‘red wigglers’ go through the layers of organic (food) and inorganic (paper) materials and feed on them. The worm excrement is called ‘castings’ and is the byproduct that is used to feed lawns or gardens.

Kitchen Compost Bins

compost binEven if you live in a flat and only have a few window boxes you can still participate in composting. A small kitchen compost bin can be put out of sight in a well-ventilated spot. For the avid gardener a kitchen compost bin is a good way to produce compost all winter long without having to go outside in the cold.

Homemade Compost Bins

Designs for homemade compost bins have become so simplified over the years that you don’t have to be a handyman to make a good bin for composting. Of all the different types of compost bins you could make, from wood to wire to plastic, the best way to start out would be to use recyclable materials you have on hand to construct your composting bin.


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