Why You Should Build a Home Compost Bin

home compost bin

Home Compost Bin

Reducing waste that ends up in landfills and waterways is not the only reason to build a home compost bin. Many environmental protection agencies reckon that not enough people are composting their garden waste. This is a shame because changing farming methods has meant our soil has become severely depleted of vital minerals and nutrients. As a result our food supply is missing these essential nutrients. Organic material that could be composted and used to replenish the soil is being wasted. Instead, it’s being thrown away and put in landfills.

Even garden clippings are being wasted. Experts estimate that garden waste such as grass clippings and leaves account for almost 20 percent of all volume in landfills. This type of organic material could be easily composted at home. You can recycle your own waste and replenish your lawn and garden soil if you build a home compost bin.

History of Composting

Composting is a natural process. Leaves fall, plants die, animals drop their excrement and it rains. Worms and other insects work on this to break it down. The cycle continues and over time, compost is born.

Writings found on ancient clay tablets describe the use of manure for agriculture. Well-known authors such as William Shakespeare and Sir Walter Raleigh, made notes about the use of composted materials when planting. Ancient and indigenous peoples also learned the value of composting. They have been practicing it for centuries to recycle organic waste and use it to feed their fruits and vegetables.

The “Scientific Way” to Fertilize

So how did we become a throw-away society that would rather toss away everything good and then buy chemicals to put on our gardens to feed our plants? That’s a good question, and it doesn’t have an easy answer. It was around 1840 that the research of a well-known German scientist proved that plants thrived when certain chemicals were present in the soil. Chemical fertilizers began to appear and eventually became the fertilizer of choice. The art of making compost dwindled over the years.

Rise in Popularity of Composting

It’s difficult to say when the composting trend reappeared, but its popularity has increased steadily over the past few decades. These days, if you want to build a home compost bin you will be joining a whole new generation who are aware of the environmental concerns about over-flowing landfills and soil depletion.

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