Growing Garden Herbs

Growing garden herbs has become very popular. And it’s not hard to see why. Herbs take up very little space and are very versatile plants. You don’t need to grow your herbs in a special herb garden, or area set aside from the main garden. They do not need to be relegated to difficult to maintain knot gardens or parterres.

Growing Garden Herbs

Growing Garden Herbs

Just about anywhere in the garden is suitable for planting herbs. You can plant them in your flower beds and put them in hanging baskets. Herbs look good in your borders and among your vegetables. They also do well planted in pots and containers. This means you can move them around your garden and grow them on your patios, terrace and deck. You can even grow herbs on your windowsill. See here

Garden herbs come in a wide range of different foliage colors. You can find them in green, grey, bronze, purple and yellow as well as variegated. And with a huge range of flower colors, shapes and textures, herbs are at home just about anywhere in the garden.

In addition, many garden herbs are grown more for their leaves than their flowers. Their varied texture and shape of these plants can make a strong contribution to the garden throughout the seasons.

Where to grow garden herbs

In fact it’s probably easier not to treat herbs as a separate group of plant. Because different herbs have different cultural requirements gathering them altogether in one place doesn’t really make much sense.

Many Mediterranean herbs, such as thyme, sage and rosemary, are drought tolerant plants. But they all need full sun and quick draining soil, On the other hand, most varieties of mint prefer cooler conditions and a moisture retaining soil. All are very useful culinary herbs but they do not combine well in the same place.

However you can grow you garden herbs very successfully in pots. If you grow these plants in pots you can move them around the garden as required. Mint in particular is best kept in a pot. Don’t plant it out in the garden. It is a rampant grower and just wants to take over the planet.

Herb Plant Theatre

Herb Plant Theatre

Its always a good idea to keep your culinary herbs near the kitchen door. But if you grow your garden herbs in pots you can experiment with them. You will soon discover that herbs can play a role in many other places in the garden. This Herb Plant Theatre is just one idea for how to grow your garden herbs.See here.

Other uses for garden herbs

Herbs have much more to offer than just for cooking or garnishing salads. Use them to soothe burns, scratches, coughs and colds. You can make teas and perfume your home with them. Put them in your bath water, weave, spin and dye with them. You might want to make wonderful lotions and potions with your garden herbs. You can even cast spells with them.

And of course you can use dried and fresh herbs in all sort of craft work. Or just pick a handful of garden herbs and put them in a vase of water. Garden herbs can be used in so many different ways so why not experiment a little.Simply allow this easy to grow, versatile and diverse range of plants the freedom of the garden and consign the herb patch to the gardening history books.



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